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Model O 2 Wireless - Bluetooth Pairing

You just received your Model O 2 Wireless and need help pairing the Mouse to your PC via Bluetooth?

We got you covered, please refer to the pairing instructions listed below. 


Pairing your Model O 2 Wireless via Bluetooth: 

  1. Make sure that your Model O 2 Wireless is fully charged. 

  2. Toggle the switch at the bottom of the mouse to "BT". 

  3. Press and hold the DPI button and both side buttons on the Mouse until the LEDs flash blue to indicate that the Mouse is discoverable. Please keep holding the aforementioned buttons until the LED turns blue.

  4. The Mouse will show up as “Model O 2” on your PC in your Bluetooth settings. 

  5. Follow the instructions provided by your PC to successfully pair the Mouse via Bluetooth. 

  6. Once the device has been paired, the Mouse should stop flashing blue and revert to its previous lighting effect. 


NOTE: To use the Mouse in Bluetooth mode, you will need a PC with built-in Bluetooth or use an external Bluetooth adapter. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do feel free to reach out to our Support Team so they could assist you.