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G-Floats Product Information

The Glorious G-Floats is our premium, ultra-durable and ultra-glide mouse feet designed for the Model O and O- Mice. The G-Floats are made from Polished Ceramic that gives the most amazing, satisfying, and consistent glide you have ever experienced. With just the right balance of speed and stopping power, our G-Floats will forever change how you game and you will never be able to go back to regular skates. 

Tired of changing out your skates? Love using a hard pad? The unique materials and construction of the G-Floats greatly increase the lifespan of the G-Floats and they will almost never wear down. Giving you the best and consistent glide since you first used them. 

The G-Floats make an excellent pair with our Elements Air pad for gamers that prefer insane speed pads, and with our cloth pads for gamers that prefer more control. 

So what is the difference between G-Skates vs G-Floats?

G-Skates are constructed from a soft 100% pure Virgin PTFE that gives you a smooth and controlled glide. They are the industry standard but do tend to wear out over time.  G-Floats are constructed from a hard Polished Ceramic compound, tooled to fit the Model O and O-. These provide an extremely fast and consistent glide. Due to their construction, these Float's have an extremely long life - span and do not wear out easily.