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Model I 2 Wireless - Disassembly Guide

Tools required:

  • Glorious Model I 2 Wireless

  • #0 Phillips Screwdriver

  • Plastic Pry Tool. 



Step 1: Begin by removing all six mouse skates.

  • Keep the angle of the tool shallow to avoid scratching the mouse.


Step 2:  Remove the seven screws using a #0 Phillips screwdriver.

  • These screws are unique and cannot be interchanged (see Step 2A - 2C).


Step 2A: The four corner screws are long screws.



Step 2B: The right side and left side rear screws are medium screws.


Step 2C: The left side front screw is a short screw. 



Step 3: Insert the plastic pry tool into the seam at the rear of the mouse, twisting gently to open.



Step 4: Open the case carefully to expose the inner cables. 



Step 5: Pull up on the plastic tabs on both sides of the ribbon cables to release the cables.



Step 6: Open the mouse to access the other cables. 



Step 7: Flip the plastic tab upward on the small ribbon cable connector, then remove the cable. 



Step 8: Remove the power cable by pulling on both sides of the white cable connector.



Step 9: Remove the three screws securing the sensor board.

  • Keep these screws separate. 


Step 10: Lift the sensor board straight up and away from the bottom case.



Step 11: Remove the scroll wheel by pulling the stem out of the assembly.



Step 12: Flip the sensor board over and remove the power switch cover.  



Step 13: Remove the 4 screws securing the daughterboard.

  • Keep these screws separate.


Step 14: Remove the thumb and rear buttons from the side of the mouse.


Step 15: Remove the inner plastic button bracket using the pry tool.



Step 16: Flip the tab on the cable connector up and remove the small ribbon cable.



Step 17: Applying gentle outward pressure to the case, remove the daughterboard by lifting it out at an angle. 



Step 18: Remove the 5 screws securing the LMB, RMB, and DPI buttons. 



Step 19: Pop the DPI button away from the shell and remove it. 



Step 20: Loosen the LMB and RMB by pulling them gently away from the inner shell, then remove them through the holes in the outer shell.



Step 20A: Note the stem on the plastic near the front of the button.


Disassembly is complete. To reassemble the Mouse follow these steps in reverse.