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Wireless Mice - General Troubleshooting

General connectivity troubleshooting:

  • Try using a different cable. 

  • Try using a different USB port (USB 2.0) and NOT using a USB hub.

  • Try using a different PC if possible.

  • Disable WIFI if using a Wireless Mouse. 

    • You can also try changing the WIFI frequency to 5GHz.

  • Enabling or disabling motion sync in CORE (If applicable). 

  • Fully exiting CORE and using the mouse wirelessly without CORE running in the background.

How to hard reset your Mouse: 

Most Glorious Mice can be restored to factory settings by pressing and holding the left, right, and scroll click buttons for 5 seconds. The LEDs will flash green to indicate that the settings are being reset. 

NOTE #1: This action will erase all custom profile information from the mouse.
NOTE #2: This is NOT applicable to the Model O (V1) Wired or Model D (V1) Wired.


To reset the Model O (V1) Wired or Model D (V1) Wired, please open the Mouse Software and click Restore and then Apply. 

How to fully uninstall Glorious CORE:

  • When uninstalling Glorious CORE, check the box "to remove the existing configuration files".

  • After uninstalling CORE, manually navigate to the following locations on your PC and see if you can locate and manually delete both folders:

  1. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Glorious Core
  2. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Glorious Core

If you do not see these folders, it means they are already removed. You can therefore skip this step. 

  • Turn off your PC for 7-10 seconds.

  • Turn on your PC, then download and install the CORE from our official page here.

  • Run CORE, but do NOT run it as an administrator.