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GMMK PRO - Reverting to default Glorious CORE Firmware

The GMMK PRO Firmware can be reverted back to the official Glorious Firmware using the steps listed below:

a) If you have the ANSI GMMK PRO, download our standard Glorious Firmware .bin file here.

b) If you have the ISO GMMK PRO, you will need this Firmware .bin file instead.

  1. Open up the QMK Toolbox - get it from here.

  2. Place your keyboard into bootloader mode. This can be done by holding Space+B and then plugging the device into the computer, you should see a message that says STM DFU Bootloader.

    - If your keyboard does not go into bootloader mode, do not worry! You can unscrew the backplate of the GMMK PRO. When you open your GMMK PRO (keys facing down) you will see a single button facing up towards you on the PCB Board. Simply hold that button down and plug your GMMK PRO into the computer at the same time.
    This is an override button that will place the GMMK PRO into DFU Bootloader mode.


  3. Open up the Glorious Firmware .bin file in QMK Toolbox and click Flash.

  4.  That's it! Your GMMK PRO will be back to using the original Glorious Firmware.