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GMMK PRO Polycarbonate Plate Installation Guide

Tools Required

  • Glorious GMMK PRO Keyboard

  • Glorious GMK PRO Polycarbonate Switch Plate 

  • Glorious Keycap Puller

  • Glorious Switch Puller 

  • #0 Phillips Screwdriver

PC Switch Plate installation steps: 

  • A video version of this installation guide can be found on the following page here.
  • The text version of this guide can be found below. 

Step 1: Begin by removing all keycaps with the keycap puller.


Step 2: Remove the rotary knob by pulling it straight up. 



Step 3: Remove all switches using the switch puller. 



Step 4: Place the keyboard face down on the packing foam and remove the 8 screws. 

  • Set these long case screws aside.


Step 5: Flip the keyboard over and remove the top frame. 



Step 6: Gently open the keyboard and disconnect the cable. 



Step 7: Remove the 12 switch plate screws. 

  • The screws on the right and left edges are long screws for the light diffusers. 
  • The screws on the top and bottom edges are short screws. 


Step 8: Flip the board over and remove the two center screws. 



Step 9: Lift the board up to reveal the two anchors. 

  • Keep these together with the center screws. They are not interchangeable. 


Step 10: Lift the board away from the switch plate. 



Step 11: Remove the foam and light diffusers. 



Step 12: Place the foam in the correct orientation on the PCB. 



Step 13: Install the light diffuser on one side of the poly plate. 

  • Scalloped edges face outward. The taped side sits against the poly plate. 


Step 14: Place the poly plate on top of the PCB and foam. 

  • You will need to hold the light diffuser while you do this. 


Step 15: Starting with the edge nearest to the rotary knob, ensure the edges are aligned. 



Step 16: Holding everything together, install two long screws into the holes for the light diffuser.

  • IMPORTANT: Use only the screws supplied with the plate. The center screws and anchors are the only exception.


Step 17: Install the screws at the top and bottom, working in order from the diffuser to the other side, stopping before the last diffuser. Pull the poly plate snug against the PCB as you work your way along the edges installing screws. 



Step 18: Gently lift the last edge and install the light diffuser on the plate posts. 



Step 19: Ensure all edges are flush, then install the long light diffuser screws. 



Step 20: Reinstall the center anchor. Holding the anchor in place, flip the PCB over and reinstall the center screw.

  • Repeat for the second anchor. 


Step 21: The PCB should be flat after installation. 

  • If it has a slight curve, loosen all plate screws one quarter turn. 


Step 22: Place the assembled PCB on the bottom case, opening it slightly to reinstall the cable.

  • Be sure to press the cable into the bottom case channel before closing the keyboard. 


Step 23: Reinstall the top frame. 



Step 24: Reinstall the 8 case screws.



Step 25: Reinstall all of the switches. 



Step 26: Reinstall the rotary knob by pressing it straight down. 



Step 27: Reinstall all keycaps. 



Step 28: Congrats! Your PC Switch plate installation has now been completed.