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Model I - Some buttons not registering

If you think your Mouse Button 4 and 9 are not working on your Model I, please review the information listed below. 


By default, the Model I has Button 4 assigned to “Home” and Button 9 assigned to “DPI Focus” 

  • Most games should register Button 4 when pressed as Home by default. 

  • Button 9, however, will not register ingame as a binding due to it being assigned as DPI Focus by default. 

  • You will need to reassign it to a different input using Glorious Core for the button to register ingame. 

    • For instance, if you are playing a video game where your character will crouch after pressing “C”, you will need to bind the button to “Single Key” C via the Key Binding setting in Glorious Core. 

  • The same can be done for Button 4 if necessary.


You can use the following Image as a reference:


Default button assignments for the Model I: 

Button 1: Left Mouse Button 

Button 2: Right Mouse Button

Button 3: Scroll wheel 

Button 4: Home

Button 5: Forward

Button 6: Backward

Button 7: DPI Up

Button 8: DPI Down

Button 9: DPI Focus

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Support so we can assist you further.