Model O PRO


Notable features:

  • 55g weight 

  • Dedicated DPI Button

  • 6 Total Remappable Buttons

  • Glorious Switches Rated For 80 Million Clicks

  • 2m / 6.5 ft USB-C Paracord Charging Cable

  • 2 Year Glorious Warranty

  • Glorious BAMF Sensor

  • 100 - 19000 DPI Range

  • 1000 Hz Polling Rate

  • Rounded Edge 100% PTFE Mouse Feet

  • 80+ Hour Battery Life on Single Charge

  • Designed for Glorious CORE



Included In The Box

1 × Glorious Gaming Mouse Model O PRO

1 × Ascended Cord USB-C

1 × Extender Dongle

1 × Wireless Adapter


What colors for the Model O PRO will be available? 

  • Model O PRO will be available in Red Fox, Golden Panda and Blue Lynx. 

When is the Group Buy? 

  • The Model O PRO is only live from May 24th @ 11 AM CT until June 7th @ 5 PM CT. Everyone who enters is guaranteed a mouse!

Will retailers stock it? And will they receive more stock after the original batch?

  • There might be limited retailer stock in some countries, yes. Some of our B2B retailers will carry stock of the item. It would therefore be best to ask the one you are interested in. However, they won't be able to restock the mouse. The only way to get a Mouse 100% is via our website.

What about Warranty concerns for the Mice?

  • All electronic products will still fall under their 2-year warranty, we will have RMA units available, and our team will provide support for all our releases under Glorious Forge. We also have our Glorious Guarantee and will make sure that if you are buying our products and they break on you - we will do everything we can to take care of you.

  • We will replace products with issues for up to two years or as long as we have stock of RMA units. Afterwards we will work with store credit.

How much is the Model O PRO? 

  • $99.99 (Free shipping within the US) 

Is the battery life better than normal models?

  • It is over 80 hours - 84 hours confirmed.

Are the switches rebranded Kailh 8.0’s?

  • They are Glorious Switches rated for 80m. We built our Glorious Switches in collaboration with Kailh.

What sensor does it have?

  • Latest BAMF 19K Sensor 

Did you improve the Scroll wheel? 

  • Yes, years of experience with our scroll wheel resulted in an overall improved scroll wheel in comparison to our first generation mice. These improvements are included in all our current gen mice.

What are the Mouse feet like? 

  • Rounded corners, 100% PTFE, 4x each corner 0.81 mm thick.

  • Same feet as the Model O

Will the Mouse be usable with Glorious Core? 

  • Yes, it is designed for Core.

Will the Mouse have an adjustable Debounce setting? 

  • Yes, 0-16 ms

Will G-Floats be available for the Mouse? 

  • Yes 

Will there be a Model O Minus PRO?

  • Not currently planned, but we are looking in all directions

Will the Mouse be available in Black? 

  • No

Will the Mouse have Wireless Charging? 

  • No

Will the Mouse have hot swap micro-switches? 

  • No 

Are reviewers getting their samples before the Group Buy?

  • No, we don't have reviewer samples. 

What is the size difference when compared to the Model O? 

  • Model O PRO is the same size as the Model O with very minor adjustments to the shape.  

Does the Mouse use USB Type C or Micro USB?

  • USB Type C

What does "re-engineered tooling/upgraded tooling" mean?

  • We could have not done this mouse in 2019. Tolerances are better for sure. Going away from the honeycomb structure was also a big change.

  • Having years of experience with that shape and while working constantly to improve the Model O from batch to batch, some things you can only address with a new tooling. If you look closely, there is now a small gap between the thumb buttons, that is new.

Is there a slot to store the USB receiver?

  • Not inside the Mouse, no. But the mouse is coming with a USB dongle extension for the cable. 


Does the Model O PRO use the same USB receiver as your other Mice?

  • No, the Model O PRO uses a different dongle.