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Model O 2 - Disassembly Guide

Tools required: 

  • Glorious Model O V2

  • #0 Phillips Screwdriver

  • Plastic Pry Tool. 

Step 1: Begin by removing all four mouse skates 

  •   Keep the angle of the tool shallow to avoid scratching the mouse. 


Step 2: Remove the four screws using a #0 Phillips screwdriver. 

  • These screws are unique and cannot be interchanged. 


Step 3: Open the mouse gently to reveal the interior ribbon cables. 


Step 4: Using your fingers, gently pull up on the locking tabs to release the cable. 

  • Do this for both sides. 


Step 5: Gently pull the cables out of the ports. 


Step 6: Fully open the mouse and flip the small ribbon cable connector up to release the small cable. 


Step 7: Remove the power cable from its anchor point. 


Step 8: Pull up on the plastic connector to disconnect the power cable from the sensor board. 



Step 9: To reassemble the Mouse, follow these steps in reverse order.