USA Shipping And International Shipping
USA SHIPPING What are your domestic shipping rates? DOMESTIC - Standa... more
Returns, Exchanges, And Warranty Options
I WANT TO RETURN A GLORIOUS PRODUCT. WHAT'S NEXT? We offer a 45-day money-back ... more
Order modification and cancellation policy
CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT YOUR ORDER? NO PROBLEM. You can cancel your order throu... more
Order processing: when will my order ship?
Once you complete an order on our website (and receive a confirmation email from... more
Model I - Some buttons not registering
If you think your Mouse Button 4 and 9 are not working on your Model I, please r... more
How long will the delivery take?
Once your order ships out, it can take: - 5-15 days if you are a US custo... more
My order is still unfulfilled. Should I be worried?
If your order is marked as unfulfilled, there's no need to worry. It simply mean... more
Does Glorious Ship to My Country?
Currently, we do not ship to the following countries using the standard internat... more