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GMMK 2: Reverting Keyboard to default Firmware (Glorious Core)

Before You Begin

1. You will need to download the QMK Toolbox which we have provided here. This will allow you to flash your GMMK 2 with the compiled QMK Firmware.

  • Chrome Users: Chrome may stop the download, just select the up arrow and choose 'keep.'
  • Windows Users: Windows Defender SmartScreen may also stop the program from running. Select 'More info' then 'Run anyway.'

2. A 'Driver Installation" window will appear. Click 'Yes' to install the latest QMK Toolbox drivers to your computer. Wait for the window to close by itself.

3. To return to the original Glorious firmware that came factory with your GMMK 2 you will need to flash it back to its original firmware using our prepackaged firmware files located below. Please select your keyboard.

Putting the Keyboard into Bootloader Mode

If you did not change the bootloader shortcut with the default QMK firmware keymap that you flashed onto your GMMK 2 then take the following steps.

While having the Keyboard unplugged, hold the “FN” key and the “Space” key while reconnecting your keyboard which should automatically enter bootloader mode.

Alternatively, please try pressing "Space" and "B" to enter bootloader mode if "FN and "Space" does not work.

If you successfully entered bootloader mode, the QMK Toolbox will highlight that your keyboard is in bootloader mode.

In the QMK Toolbox toolbar click the open button here (Item number 1 in the image below). Navigate to the directory where the Glorious .hex firmware file you just downloaded is located. Select the firmware file.

Make sure your keyboard is plugged in and in bootloader or DFU mode and simply click the flash button (Item number 2 in the image below). 

You will see a series of messages and then finish.

That’s it! Open up Glorious CORE and you should see the keyboard pop up in the software again