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GMMK 2: Replacing the USB-C PCB

What’s in the Box?

  • GMMK 2 replacement USB-C PCB

  • GMMK 2 replacement internal daughter cable


Equipment Needed: 

  • GMMK 2 replacement USB-C PCB

  • Manual Phillips #00 screwdriver

  • (Optional) Sorting dishes for screws 


Opening Your GMMK 2

  1. Remove all switches and keycaps from your board

  2. Unplug your board and keep it unplugged throughout this process

  3. Using a manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, gently remove the exterior top frame screws

    1. There are 11 exterior screws on the Compact GMMK 2

    2. There are 17 exterior screws on the Full-size GMMK 2

  4. Once removed, carefully lift away the top frame and unplug the internal daughter cable from the USB-C PCB in the bottom case

    1. If you’re replacing the internal daughter cable, unplug it from the main PCB as well by gently pulling and set aside

Replacing the USB-C PCB

  1. Remove the foam to expose the GMMK 2’s USB-C PCB

  2. Using the same manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the 2 silver screws from the USB-C PCB

  3. Gently lift the loose USB-C PCB from the board’s bottom casing and set it aside

  4. Align and insert the replacement USB-C PCB, ensuring it sits correctly in the bottom case

  5. Replace the 2 silver screws using the manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, being sure not to overtighten

Reassembling Your GMMK 2

  1. Return the foam back to the bottom case, ensuring it is aligned and sits properly

  2. Gently plug the internal daughter cable into the USB-C PCB

    1. If replacing the internal daughter cable, plug the other end into the main PCB as well

    2. Note: Make sure the cable is properly routed through its canal in the bottom casing, and ensure that both ends are connected before closing up your GMMK 2

  3. Replace the GMMK 2 top frame

  4. Re-install the top frame screws, being sure not to overtighten to avoid stripping

  5. Replace your switches & keycaps

  6. Plug in your GMMK 2 and ensure it’s functioning properly


Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious keyboard can be directed to our support team here