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How to clean your Mouse

There is no avoiding coming in contact with your mouse. Whether you are working from home all day or gaming all night, there is no escaping it. That means sweat, dirt, and food particles will build up over time, leaving your mouse in a less than desirable condition. However, a sticky mouse is nothing that these simple cleaning tips, and a bit of elbow grease, can’t solve. Follow the steps listed below to clean your computer mouse and get it back in tip-top shape.


1 x Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloth*
1 x Alcohol Wipes (Optional)
1 x Toothpick or Small Brush*
1 x Power Blower* or Compressed Air Canister
* These materials can be found inside the handy Glorious Cleaning Kit. Easily get all the materials you need in one convenient package.


Below, we list the steps needed to efficiently clean your computer mouse. For this demonstration, we will be using a Model O Wireless in Matte Black.


1) Unplug your wired mouse, or ensure your wireless mouse is powered off.


2) Take the microfiber cloth and briefly run it under warm water. Wring out the cloth to ensure it is merely damp, not dripping.

3) Gently, rub the cloth along the mouse body to remove any aggregated dirt and grime from the exterior. Ensure you are really scrubbing high-traffic areas where your hand typically rests.



1) Take the small brush, or toothpick, and run it along the seams of your mouse’s body. Seams include where the mouse’s switches meet the main body and where the side pieces meet the top shell.


2) If you notice your scroll wheel catching, we suggest gently running the brush inside the crevice to break up any lodged food crumbs, dirt, grime, etc. that could be affecting the operation.


1) Once you have potentially dislodged any dirt or grime particles, we want to be sure to remove them from inside the mouse’s shell.


2) Take the compressed air canister, or eco-friendly power blower, and run some air inside the crevices and creases you just cleaned. This removed dust and debris that could potentially affect your mouse’s longevity.