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Glorious Aura Keycaps V2 Features and Specs

Aren't you already selling your very own Glorious Aura Keycaps?

We are, but we decided the time is ripe for a revision. Say hello to our enthusiast grade keycap set that is made with high grade and thick PBT plastic the Glorious Auras (V2). 


Glorious Aura Keycaps V2 features

  • Material: thick, high-quality PBT plastic.

  • Colors: black and white.

  • OEM profile.

  • 145-Key layout compatible with GMMK 1 (all models)/GMMK 2 (all models)/GMMK PRO (all models), and most other keyboard sets.

  • Fit any MX+ style stem.

  • (New) Crisp doubleshot injection transparent legends with transparent sides.

  • Updated font and support for more keyboards.

Wow, you guys are releasing yet another fantastic GMMK accessory!

Why, thank you! :)

Make sure you share your favorite RGB flavors once you get these installed on your keyboard!


Sizing Chart: