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Glorious Lube Brush Features and Specs

How do you expect me to lube my switches without a lube brush!?

Hey, don't worry, we got you covered once again! Enter the Glorious Lube Brush. Its ergonomic handle with fine bristles guarantee an easy and precise switch lubing experience. 


Glorious Lube Brush features:

Triangular ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping, improved control, and reduced hand fatigue. 

Body texture: smooth matte.

Handle size: 5.5" long.

Nylon bristles: anti-shed, great durability.

Brush size: ~0.24".

Package includes plastic applicator that protects the bristles from fraying during shipping. 

Sweet, I can finally get wild and lube switches to my heart's content!


As you should! It's definitely one of the finer crafts in life