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Keyboard Accessories

Glorious Switch Films - Installation Guide
For video instructions pertaining to the installation of the Glorious Switch Fil... more
Quick Start Guide: How to Install / Replace Glorious Panda Switches
Thanks to the "modular nature" of the GMMK, installing the Glorious Pandas is in... more
Glorious Cleaning Kit Introduction
Wow, a Glorious cleaning kit! So, uhm... what does it clean? We 100% believe ... more
Glorious Lube Brush Features and Specs
How do you expect me to lube my switches without a lube brush!? Hey, don't wor... more
Glorious Switch Opener Features and Specs
Oh, so you are now offering a Glorious switch opener as well? Yes, we are! Let... more
Glorious Switch Puller Features and Specs
Now you're coming up with your own switch puller, eh? That's right, and it's t... more
Glorious Coiled Cables Features and Specs
- Coil length: 6" - Double-braided cable with tight springiness - Straight ... more
Coiled Cable Troubleshooting
If you are experiencing connectivity concerns with your Coiled Glorious Cable, k... more
Glorious Aura Keycaps V2 Features and Specs
Aren't you already selling your very own Glorious Aura Keycaps? We are, but we ... more
Glorious Fox Switch Features and Specs
Linear mechanical switch with a lightweight 45 g operation. Pre-lubed parts make... more