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Glorious Cleaning Kit Introduction

Wow, a Glorious cleaning kit! So, uhm... what does it clean? 

We 100% believe you're already taking good care of your GMMK and Glorious mouse. And now, with our brand new Cleaning Kit, you can rest assured they will keep their Glorious looks and perform as good as new for years to come.

Glorious Cleaning Kit features

  • Description: Cleaning kit composed of - black brush, power blower, microfiber cloth

  • Weight (without package): 43g

  • Glorious Guy sticker included

So I can use this kit for both my GMMK and Glorious mouse? 

That is correct! Here's how it all works!

  • The small brush can clean between keys and tighter spaces in the keyboard.

  • The power blower can blow dust off the keyboard AND mouse.

  • The microfiber cloth can remove stains from the keyboard AND mouse.

It's really as simple as it sounds!