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Wireless Mice - General Troubleshooting
General connectivity troubleshooting: - Try using a different cable. - Try u... more
How To Pair Your V2 Wireless Mouse With The Wireless Receiver
Before doing this procedure, please make sure you have the [latest version of Gl... more
Firmware Update Error When Trying To Update Your Wireless Mouse.
------------------------- Please try the solutions listed below if you are expe... more
How to clean your Mouse
There is no avoiding coming in contact with your mouse. Whether you are working ... more
My PC Detects the Included Dongle, but I Cannot Use My Wireless Mouse
If your PC is detecting the dongle but not the mouse, you will need to use our o... more
Creating a Mouse Macro in Glorious Core
To create a macro for a Glorious Wireless Mouse within Glorious Core, please fol... more