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GMMK Numpad - Removing the Badge

Step 1: Unplug the Numpad and Switch it to the OFF position. 

Step 2: Remove all Keycaps using a Keycap puller. 

Step 3: Remove all Switches using a Switch puller.

Step 4: Remove the Rotary Knob by pulling it upwards.


Step 5: Remove the Slider by pulling it upwards just like the Rotary Knob. 

Step 6: Remove the four corner screws using a #0 Phillips screwdriver. 


Step 7: Flip the Numpad over and remove the Top Frame. 

Step 8: To remove the badge, remove the two securing screws. 

(NOTE: These screws are unique and cannot be interchanged).

Step 9: Lift the top frame up and remove the badge. 

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