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GMMK Numpad - Reverting back to Glorious CORE firmware


To return to the original Glorious firmware that came factory with your GMMK Numpad you will need to flash it back to its original firmware using our prepackaged firmware file located below. 

NOTE #1: Clicking the link may take you to a .txt document. To get the file you need, right click and select "Save As". Then, remove ".txt " from the file name so it ends with ".hex ". Finally, under " Save as type: " select "All Files" in the dropdown and click "Save".
NOTE #2: Use the QMK Toolbox version found here

Follow the steps below to revert the GMMK Numpad to Glorious CORE firmware:

1. If you are using the QMK Numpad firmware with the default keymap here, all you need to do is hold down the "Num" key and then press the "Dot/Delete" key. This will place the Numpad into bootloader mode immediately. The Numpad can remain plugged in via the USB cable during the flashing process. To escape from this bootloader just unplug and replug in your Numpad.

NOTE #2: If you are using the default Glorious CORE firmware, you can place the GMMK Numpad into the bootloader by holding the "Plus" + "Enter" keys. The "Plus" + "Enter" keys need to be held down when connecting the Numpad to your PC via the cable while having QMK Toolbox open. The GMMK Numpad should then enter bootloader mode.

NOTE #3: If you have modified the default QMK firmware keymap and have no way of entering bootloader mode, you would be required to press the PCB reset button through the pinhole located on the external top surface of the Numpad while replugging the unit via USB. The pinhole is located near the bottom of the Numpad and you will need to remove the "Zero" and "Dot/Delete" keycaps to see it. You can press the button using a SIM card remover tool which should be small enough to press the button through the hole


2. If you successfully enter bootloader mode, the QMK Toolbox will highlight that the Numpad is in bootloader mode.

3. In the QMK Toolbox toolbar click the open button here (Item number 1 in the image below).

4. Navigate to the directory where the Glorious .hex firmware file you just downloaded is located.

5. Select the firmware file.

6. Make sure your Numpad is plugged in and in bootloader or DFU mode and simply click the flash button (Item number 2 in the image below).

7. You will see a series of messages and then finish.


8. That’s it! Open up Glorious CORE and you should see the Numpad pop up in the software again.